Public Health Surveillance

Fjelltopp supports countries in developing case-based, real-time, mobile, public health surveillance programmes that give a national view of clinic-level data.

Since 2015 our consultants have worked with the Ministries of Health in Jordan, Madagascar, Somalia, and Central African Repuiblic on national public health surveillance programmes.

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A social enterprise working with UN field experts, Ministries of Health, and other local partners across the globe, especially in low and middle income countries.

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How we can help

We can leverage our experience, engineering expertise and pre-existing open-source software to build technical solutions to your surveillance needs.


Encrypted data submitted to central servers that can be hosted on premesis or in the cloud, with an online application to access and analyse the data.


Flexible forms configured and submitted from mobile and desktop devices through Open Data Kit. The 3g/4g enabled devices can be rapidly configured and deployed in contexts where there is little existing infrastructre, and Open Data Kit also allows for SMS based submissions.


Make use of pre-designed forms for integrated case-based surveillance using ICD-10/11 classification of diseases.

Real time

Our data pipeline processes data immediately upon submission, meaning that there is only a delay of seconds between an individual submitting their form and the online reports/alerts being updated.


Configurable and flexible real-time alerts raised by SMS and Email for different disease diagnoses and auto-generated periodic HTML/PDF reports.

Clinical decision support

Our forms have been designed to provide best practise clinical decision support during the consultation. We can partner with clinical experts to refine form designs.


A tailormade and intuitive online reporting and anlytics framework for accessing and interpreting the data, that can be owned and shaped by MoH staff.


Data can be made available through an application programming interface (API) and can be configured to be interoperable with other systems such as DHIS2.

We cover a huge range of public-health technology tasks and we're always happy to have a chat to see what you need. If you have something in mind that you can’t see listed, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you be more specific?

Fjelltopp has worked with the Ministries of Health in Jordan, Madagascar, Somalia and the Central African Republic on public health surveillance projects. The video below details how our work was recieved and used in Jordan.

How much does it cost?

Initial deployment of central infrastructure costs approximately $70000 over 3-6 months, depending upon your needs. Fjelltopp is able to provide maintenance at an estimated $30000 per annum. The unit cost per health facility is $300 ($150 tablet cost and $150 training cost), with an estimated $50 per year maintenance costs. Contact us to receive a more detailed quote.

What technology is used?

Fjelltopp builds with secure open-source technologies, meaning no on-going license fees or vendor lock-in. Collaboration with local technical staff is free of charge and encouraged to reduce costs and prepare for handover of maintenance where the technical capacity exists. Solutions we have proposed in the past include: Open Data Kit (ODK) for data collection, PostgreSQL databases, Python and Javascript web applications (open source code available here), and other purpose built systems.

What about tablet maitenance?

All tablets are individually registered to each health centre and locked so they cannot be used for any purpose other than submitting surveillance data. The overall functionality of the tablet is limited to improve its lifetime and deter theft.

A value driven social enterprise

Registered as a Social Enterprise in the United Kingdom, committed to ethical business practices and our social mission before profit.

"Working with Fjelltopp has been a pleasure. The team is responsive to our technical needs, has quickly picked up the complexities of our substantive work, and has been forward-thinking by identifying solutions that our clients will appreciate."

Dr Mary Mahy, Epidemiology Team Lead, UNAIDS Geneva

UNAIDS Data Repository Case Study

Technical Excellence

We seek out technical excellence. It is our ambition to offer attractive employment that leverages some of the world’s most qualified engineers and scientists to solve some of the world’s most important humanitarian challenges.


We believe in openness. Almost all of our solutions are open source and built upon other open-source solutions, meaning that the code is freely accessible from the internet. Some of the poorest countries in the world use our software; we believe it is important that they can continue to do so without paying out large license fees.


We work hard to bring about sustainability. There is no value in placing an unsustainable solution upon an ill-prepared community. We partner with our clients and user groups to improve local capacity for maintaining our solutions. We provide training, advice, mentorship and long-term support contracts.

Driven by social objectives

We are driven by our social objectives laid out in our articles of association: to relieve those suffering from sickness, poverty or distress, in any part of the world, through the implementation and promotion of software solutions and scientific research.

Trusted by NGOs in 12 countries

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